Maximize distribution with InstallHyper's Installer for Windows

The electronic distribution of software is a necessity for the modern workplace, which is why InstallHyper’s Software Installer covers a variety of fields to offer the best solution.
The entire installation process is explained through data analysis tools. Moreover, the optimization of performance is continuously carried out through A/B testing. With these features overlaying the installation process, each machine and device is optimized for better performance.
Finally, the pay-per-install model allows you to only pay for installations that are successful.

World’s leading application distribution platform

A/B Testing

The A/B testing feature of InstallHyper allows for different devices to be made efficient while running the same software

A dynamic GUI for installations is generated from the server allows for continuous testing of the installer layout.


InstallHyper’s commitment to the highest ethical standards for applications and installations is
paramount. The goal, as ever, is to provide the best installation experience to the customer and
combine aesthetics with functionality.

User Experience

InstallHyper’s Dynamic GUI takes into account the multiple points of failure related to installations. These include the different browser specifications, operating system caveats, and settings. The installation engine bypasses these pain points and accelerates the installation process.

InstallHyper is a Strong Brand

Data analysis tools which continuously gather and interpret information about the installation process improve it. A/B testing ultimately takes that data and applies the best process types to different devices for accelerated installs.