Pay Per Install bundles freeware and shareware programs with software advertisers under a pay per install model. The freeware software developer gets paid every time the advertiser’s software is installed.

We distribute those bundles to our VIP affiliates who promote both products through their established distribution partners.

Many programs are in place that make setting up an earn-per-install offer a breeze. Advertisers don’t necessarily have to create their own programs. Instead, they use Advertly large network of publishers.

If you have your own app or software to promote, you can include the pay per install product with your own to get more exposure. You can create a software bundle to install both at the same time. You put the power of your brand behind the other software, encouraging your clients to buy. When they do, you earn a commission on the sale.

Take the time to find the right pay per install program to meet your goals. Carefully read the terms, and check the reputation of the site to find the program that will get you results.

Understanding the mechanics of pay per install bidding

The concept behind a pay per install program is quite simple. Just as its name suggests, the program pays a commission each time someone purchases and installs a piece of software or application. The program works just like an affiliate marketing program. A company (the advertiser) creates the program offer, and another website (the publisher) promotes the product and earns the commission.

Earn per install programs offer great opportunities for both advertisers and publishers alike. Consider signing up for an affiliate program to drive sales of your app or software or to start generating a passive income. Just make sure you do your research so you can find the right program. The goal is to work smarter, not harder.