Partners Policy

InstallHyper is committed to ethical standards in provisioning its services for an individual who installs software applications via the InstallHyper platform (“End User”). InstallHyper carefully selects its Partners and requires them to commit and to comply with InstallHyper’s Partners Policy.

As a software vendor whose content and technology is being offered, distributed, promoted or installed via the InstallHyper platform (“Partner”) you are required to comply with InstallHyper’s Partners Policy. The main guidelines of the Partners Policy are detailed hereunder:

  • No use of the InstallHyper platform is allowed for any purpose apart for the lawful installation of the software application, nor any modification or misuses of the InstallHyper platform components.
  • No software application will be installed on an End User’s computer unless prior explicit End User’s consent is granted.
  • All software applications must be distributed with an End User license agreement (EULA) and privacy policy which shall be available for display to End User during the installation process and shall adhere to the actual usage of the End User’s personal information.
  • A software application privacy policy must have clear and accurate representation regarding the type of information which is being collected and the forms of collections and usage and sharing of such information when applicable. All relevant third parties who have access to any data shall be listed.
  • Partner shall not use the InstallHyper platform in any manner that infringes upon End User’s privacy or to collect, transmit, copy or use in any manner End User’s personal identifiable information without End User’s explicit and informed consent.
  • Partner should use the InstallHyper platform solely for the installation of software applications or content to which he is the rightful owner or is dully license for such activity.
  • All software applications shall detail the name and contact info of its provider.
  • No feature or functionality of the software application will disable or uninstall or intentionally interfere with or modify the operation of other applications in the End User’s computer, internet browsing, browser functionality, views of webPages or any website without the End User’s prior explicit and informed consent.
  • No feature of functionality of the software application shall require the End User to participate in any other online activity as a precondition to its operation.
  • No software application will interfere with End User’s ability to change operating system or browser settings, including installation or uninstallation of other software..
  • All software application shall be capable of completely uninstalled from the End User’s computer by clear and specific means in a reasonable manner.
  • Each Partner shall provide End User’s with an explicit clarification regarding its software application and its core functionalities and features and shall not use any misleading, fraudulent or inappropriate representations when directing End User’s to such applications.
  • All advertisement campaigns or solicitation of Software application download will be in compliance with CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.
  • No advertisement will be displayed by the software application unless it is clearly marked and identified as an advertisement originating from or by the software application.
  • No software application or any content provided by the application shall: (a) infringe any third parties IP rights or right of privacy and publicity; (b) Contain or promote illegal, pornographic, obscene, racist, offensive or discriminatory material; (c) Contain harmful applications or components which intentionally create or exploit any security vulnerabilities in an End User’s computer, including: viruses, spyware, malware, spamware and worms
  • No Downloadable Software shall generate automated clicks on advertisements, visits or views of webpages or otherwise engage in activity which is meant to generate revenues to any 3rd parties without the end-user’s knowledge and/or consent.

The implementation of this Partners Policy is part of InstallHyper’s efforts to comply with industry best standards. In case you believe that one of our Partners has been using the InstallHyper platform in a manner which contradicts with this Partners Policy, we would appreciate if you can contact us at so we could take the necessary steps and investigate this matter.