Publishers have access to advanced tools such as Co-bundler, SDK, Content Lockers, Link Lockers and a powerful tracking platform to monitor your success. All accounts are also matched with a personal Performance Manager that can help you determine which campaigns fit best with your promotion strategy.

We pay our publishers via Bitcoin, PayPal, Webmoney (WMZ), Bank Wire

Link locking is where you take a link and require someone to interact with an advertisement or download in order to visit it.

Link Locking is a simple and effective form of content locking. With Link Locking, you have the absolute lowest barrier of entry among all forms of content locking since there is no need to own a webpage. All what you need is to find interesting content online that they feel others may want access to. Once that is accomplished, the URL to the content would be included in the creation process of a link locker and a money making, link locker page would be generated. When compared with other forms of content locking, this process holds the advantage of not only having the lowest barrier of entry but also being the easiest to produce in large scales. Producing large amounts of link lockers can help you target broader audiences and ultimately generate more money making traffic to their pages

“Install Hyper SDK” can be used to display our advertisers third party applications durring your software installation with just one line of code. After integrated, your downloads will carry offers from high quality advertisers that speak directly to your users. More relevant offers from top vendors add up to higher PPI revenues for your software.

It’s safe for End Users to use the offer-enabled installer, nothing is installed the user doesn’t agree to. In case an offer has been accidentally accepted, it can easily be uninstalled again.

“Install Hyper Co-bundler” is an Download Manager and installer which bundles legitimate applications with offers for additional third party applications that may be wanted by the user.

During the installation process, the installer will then display an offer and ask if the user would like to install it. When the offers are displayed the user can either Accept or Decline the offer

It’s safe for End Users to use the offer-enabled installer, nothing is installed the user doesn’t agree to. In case an offer has been accidentally accepted, it can easily be uninstalled again.

An application-programming interface (API) is a set of programming instructions and standards for accessing a Web-based software application.
InstallHyper provides API,  This allow your programmers to to access our data set via a webservice to your own applications.

Feel free to contact us via our Contact Form, or send an email to You can also reach our team via skype: Start Chat Now

Every week on Friday we will send the payment (the amount you would like to withdraw). Keep in mind that this amount should be larger than the minimum $100 payout.

InstallHyper is a PPI (Pay Per Install) based platform, therefore we pay our publishers once their users install our advertisers Software/Offer.
InstallHyper’s self-serve enables advertisers to add their Software/Offer and create several campaigns
The PPI (Pay Per Install) rates depends on the Offer Category and GEO (Country)
For view the Payout Rates for each offers please visit our Offer Page

To get started, simply fill out the registration form

Yes, our INSTALLHYPER Platform will enable you to manage and optimize installs with real-time data, The reports are transparent, accurate and reported on a real time basis so you can easily monitor every single installs.

For wire transfer fee is 35$. For PayPal and WebMoney is applied their fee. For BitCoin fee is 0.0015 BTC (may be changed by marketplace in a future) and exchange rate BTC/USD is based on actual exchange rate.

When you signup as a publisher you agree to our Partner Policy and End User Agreement for your users.
In case you wish to have the agreement on PDF, signed electornic, please fill out and submit our Partner Policy Agreement

Yes, you will be in absolute control over what Software/Offers you are displaying in your Co-bundler or SDK
You can Turn ON/OFF Software/Offers that you would like to have displayed in your Co-bundler or SDK from your Co-Bunlder listing or SDK listing

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