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InstallHyper is more than just an electronic software distribution platform. We are an electronic business solutions provider. We offer industry-leading software installation services for multiple machines and operate a massive software marketing network.

Our specialization is generating quality customer acquisitions through our Pay Per Install (PPI) model. We deal in high volumes, through exclusive channels, and in business use desktops.

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Cutting Edge Technology

InstallHyper employs the best in analytics and adaptive algorithms to disperse software throughout a multitude of devices. We use a strong base of cloud computing as well as heuristic mechanisms to make the installations smooth and optimal.

Staying up to date with cutting edge technology is a priority for Install Hyper while providing companies with streamlined, efficient, and comprehensive support. One of the ways we achieve this goal is by keeping our service offerings innovative and relevant in the ever-evolving market place.

Installers Based on Pure HTML/JavaScript

All of Installhyper’s installers are based on HTML and JavaScript. This makes them flexible and fast, facilitating swift operation, maintenance, and updates.

The installation process is also bolstered through the UI capabilities that JavaScript and HTML bring.  InstallHyper fully takes advantage of the two programming languages to display visually-rich designs. that make the installation process easy.

Windows OS Installations Near Me

InstallHyper has support for all major versions of Windows OS, Windows XP, and over. Included in the list are Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Our installation catalogue carries the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of all these OS.

Every operating system is tested vigorously by InstallHyper’s installers before being released to the public. This way, we maintain quality control and seamless integration and upgrades throughout. multiple devices. Hence, you’ll never have to search far for Windows OS installations for your business.

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